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Learn to Sail

Sailing with Captain Celeste is a “hands on” learning experience that is lots of fun, geared to help you grow your sea legs and your love of sailing.

Basic Sailing Basic Cruising Extended Cruise and Learn
Includes  - Parts of the boat, knots, terminology, skipper and crew commands and responses, points of sail, sail trim, tacking and gybing finding and using the wind! Takes all the knowledge from basic sailing and expounds upon it. You will learn to read a compass and a nautical chart, plot a course to use in navigating to a destination. We learn all the boat systems and safety equipment, more knots, anchoring techniques and choosing the right anchor, reefing the sails, hove to maneuver, man overboard maneuver, coming to and from a dock, intro to the VHF radio, rules of the road and courtesy at sea. We take the previous knowledge from basic sailing and basic cruising and disembark on a minimum 4 day cruise.  While sailing to multiple destinations, we will cover advanced chart plotting, dead reckoning, 2 and 3 point fixes, electronic chart plotting, more radio skills, provisioning, cooking aboard, and maintaining the galley, troubleshooting system failures, what to stow on board, first aid and CPR.
4 hour Introduction to Basic Sailing Class - up to 4 students. Basic Cruising Class – 2 days - up to 4 students Extended Cruise and Learn Packages – 4 days/3 nights - up to 4 students 
Private Lessons on Tampa Bay, refine your sailing skills - Call to for prices boat availability.